New integrations and several modifications

Since our last news update, we’ve added new integrations to the marketplace and many modificiations for existing integrations. From now on you can integrate almost every phone system with:

  • Zoho Desk CRM phone integration (click here for more details)
  • 2solar CRM phone integration (click here for more details)
  • Smart Stone CRM phone integration (click here for more details)
  • Smart Trade CRM phone integration (click here for more details)
  • Neoforce CRM phone integration (click here for more details)
  • Visma Djuma CRM phone integration (click here for more details)
  • RecruitNow CRM phone integration (click here for more details)

We have also added many new features and improvements to integrations and Bubble:


Bubble 3.19.0


  • RecruitNow crm connector added.
  • Centile is now renamed to Enreach UP.
  • Dynamics Business Central is now searching contacts.
  • Dynamics Business Central added seperate button for opening customer.
  • Updater utility is now restarting application after update is successfully installed.
  • CSS dates and time stamps are now converted to the local time formats.
  • Pipedrive now supports multi-result popup.
  • Pipedrive improved call registration and added call note.
  • Pipedrive now dynamically retrieves fields from found entities.
  • Remote Dialer now searches in the contact list.

Bubble 3.18.0


  • RingCentral phone connector added.
  • Dialpad phone connector added.
  • Centile phone connector added.
  • Enreach phone connector can now be configured to automatically mark calls as answered.
  • Timestamps for call registration are now in local format for connectors: HubSpotInserveTeamleader.
  • Parameters call_timestampevent_timestamplast_call_datetime are now in local datetime format.
  • Call history window is now showing calls in local datetime format.
  • AutoTask connector now supports multi-result popup.
  • TestConnector phone connector can now update numbers during the call.
  • Zoho Desk Create Ticket action button added.
  • TOPdesk CRM connector can now be configured to enable/disable search for persons, branches, incidents.

Bubble 3.17.0


  • Yeastar phone connector added.
  • 2Solar CRM connector added.
  • Zoho CRM CRM connector added. Connector authentication is on user base. Previous connector is renamed to Zoho Legacy. This connector contains multi-result popup and call registration.
  • Zoho Desk CRM connector added.
  • Updater improvements.
  • Salesforce improved sideloading of accounts for contacts.
  • Salesforce added checkboxes to enable lookup for accounts, contacts, leads.
  • Salesforce added action buttons for opening accounts, contacts, leads.
  • Smart Stone CRM connector added.
  • Neoforce CRM connector added.
  • TAPI click-to-dial driver added (Windows only).
  • Magento 2 added button for opening relation / order.

Bubble 3.16.0


  • Elevate phone connector added.
  • Teamleader now supports multi-result popup.
  • Teamleader now supports call registration.
  • Teamleader now uses local OAuth authorization. (Update not backwards compatible with earlier Bubble versions.)
  • Visual improvements.
  • Remote Dialer improvements.
  • Added feature to lock the profile from the Web interface (i.e. read-only mode).
  • Webportal phone number updates are updated to the client immediately.
  • Added multi-tenant overview page.
  • Voipplay Phone connector added.
  • Redial from popup hides the current popup.
  • Phone connectors are now searchable.
  • Djuma CRM connector added.
  • When any OAuth authorization is expired, the user will receive a prompt for reauthorizing. This update applies to the following connectors: Dynamics Business CentralDynamics CRMHubspotMultiversOffice365 ContactsServiceNowSuperOfficeTeamleaderTribeElevateUniverge Blue.
  • Broadsoft connector shows a notification when the user password is expired.

Bubble 3.15.0


  • Codex prefilled endpoint updated to the latest version of Codex API.
  • Inserve configuration is simplified.
  • SuperOffice On-Site is now using Negotiate instead of NTLM.
  • iDAS improved authentication mechanism.
  • iDAS now supports call registration.
  • Diagnostic Report now requires partner information.
  • Added workaround for Shortcut dialing from Outlook contacts.
  • Simplicate improved lookup.
  • Simplicate now supports multi-result popup.
  • Simplicate now supports call registration.
  • Threading start/stop improvements for the following Connectors: LightSpeedMagento 2TwinqUniverge Blue.
  • Updated target framework to .NET 6.
  • Added RedCactus theme for Windows MSI installer.
  • Added link to wiki in top menu.
  • Improved call registration window.
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