New integrations and several modifications

Since our last news update, we’ve added new integrations to the marketplace and many modificiations for existing integrations. From now on you can integrate almost every phone system with:

  • SugarCRM CRM phone integration (click here for more details)
  • ResalePartners CRM phone integration (click here for more details)
  • DATEV CRM phone integration (click here for more details)
  • AGP Kerridge CRM phone integration (click here for more details)
  • WinTax CRM phone integration (click here for more details)
  • Regie CRM phone integration (click here for more details)
  • HaloPSA CRM phone integration (click here for more details)

Many new integrations will also be added in 2023! For an up-to-date overview, check out our roadmap (click here). We have also added many new features and improvements to integrations and Bubble:

Bubble 3.22.0


  • SalesForce now supports call registration.
  • New feature Automations added.

Bubble 3.21.0


  • Unify OpenScape Business connector is now logging pbx version.
  • Datev (CTI Buddy) CRM connector added.
  • AGP Kerridge CRM connector added.
  • WinTax CRM connector added.
  • Regie CRM connector added.
  • SugarCRM CRM connector added.
  • ResalePartners CRM connector added.
  • HaloPSA CRM connector added.
  • Custom Search Notations can be added in the settings menu.
  • Popup hide timer can now be enabled for the call answer event.

Bubble 3.20.0


  • New parameters for last call information: $last_call_direction, $last_call_duration.
  • Trengo improved configuration page.
  • Trengo double call events are now filtered out for Push call state method.
  • Trengo call note is now written via the Log phone call method.
  • Kolbri CRM connector now supports call forwarding for internal Kolibri popups.
  • KidsVision CRM connector improved call logging syntax.
  • Zoho Desk CRM connector department can now be changed from the configuration page.
  • Notifications settings page, list of screens could be manually refreshed.
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