Breakthrough based on Microsoft Teams

The Internet is full of it, the demand to be able to connect Microsoft Teams Direct Routing to CRM applications. Using the default feature in Microsoft Teams Admin Center to open a web browser based on a URL when a call is answered, a limited number of CRM applications could be linked.

Admittedly in a very basic way, without call logging, notification preview and other essential functions, that was technically all that was possible. CRM applications that require you to authenticate or communicate with a local database are certainly not linkable in this way. 


Months were spent working on this revolutionary breakthrough, but Dutch company Red Cactus is introducing the first full Microsoft Teams integration for CRM applications including all functionalities like a pop-up notifications on incoming- outgoing and transferred calls, call registration, click-to-dial, etc. ‘’The challenge was that Teams does not give full call events in the base and we do need those for full integration” says partner manager Walter. “By adding integration with Microsoft Teams to our portfolio, our partners have a unique proposition where they can create tremendous value for their customers”.  

 175 CRM integrations 

Red Cactus is a software company focused entirely on developing telecom-related software. With the service Bubble, they have developed a universal software tool to easily link telephony systems to CRM applications. Head of development Jason: “for us, this integration is a milestone because Microsoft Teams is the 50th telephony platform we support to link more than 175 CRM integrations”. The software is marketed through a global partner channel.    


View all integrations for Teams here:

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