Pipedrive CRM connector VoIP

With the Pipedrive CRM telephony connector, incoming and outgoing calls will generate on screen notifications on your PC. These include customer information contained within Pipedrive and you also have the ability open the customer card directly from these notifications. The Pipedrive connector is part of the Bubble telephony integration from Red Cactus.



Bubble has a number of unique features. The information displayed in the pop-up, as well as the buttons themselves, can be fully customised based on the end user’s requirements. You also get the pop-up notification when a call is transferred to you from another colleague. You have full control to select which screen the pop-up appears on (for users working with multiple screens). Bubble also retains recent call data to easily look up which Bubble user called a specific contact number most recently. The Bubble application includes fully integrated click-to-dial functionality that works both locally and web-based. As a user you can completely customise the on screen pop-up. The list of data fields available from this CRM connector are as follows:

  • phone number
  • last contact with
  • pipedrive_name
  • pipedrive_organization_name
  • pipedrive_organization_address
  • pipedrive_id
  • pipedrive_type
  • pipedrive_email
  • pipedrive_note
  • etc.

In addition to displaying specific data in your pop-up, you can also create up to 4 buttons in the pop-up that can perform various different actions. Examples include, open contact card, accepting the call, callback request, sending an email, copying to clipboard or creating bespoke actions. By default, the Pipedrive connector is equipped with the function to automatically log calls in the Pipedrive contact card.


Connecting Bubble – and thus the Pipedrive CRM connector – to your telephony system is very straight forward. The procedure is unique to each telephony system but they all have one thing in common, you don’t need to be very technical to do it. The Pipedrive software is linked based on an API key.


Setup price per end customer: €150.00
Setup price per end user: €25.00

Monthly recurring price per end user: €5.00

The rates shown are the gross sales prices excluding VAT. Send an email to receive the partner price list.

Bubble can be connected to most telephony systems. Is your telecom provider not listed? No problem, many telecom providers use the same underlying technology, so there is a good chance that we already have a connector for your telephony environment.

Telephone systems

  • Broadsoft
  • Asterisk
  • ClearVox Nexxt
  • Mitel OIG
  • Kwebbl
  • Call2Teams
  • Xelion
  • 3CX
  • Axeos
  • Unify OpenScape Business

Click here to go to the knowledge base.

Bubble is a 64-bits Windows application that can be installed locally or centrally. Does your customer have an iMac? That does not have to be a problem, please contact us to discuss the possibilities. In addition, we have a lot of relevant information on https://redcactus.uk/wiki

If a connector already exists, you can request a test account from a Red Cactus partner. The Red Cactus license is free for 30 days with a maximum of 5 users. Ask for any additional conditions at the Red Cactus partner.

It is possible in Bubble to activate multiple CRM- ERP- connectors under the same user at no extra cost. The license prices shown do not depend on the number of connectors you want to activate per user.

Suppose you have linked your CRM- ERP- software as a primary basis, you can choose to activate another connectors as a secondary basis, for example the Google connector. If the caller's details do not exist in your CRM- ERP- software, the details in this example will still be shown from Google's database.

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